Our Mission Statement
“To provide efficient and effective fire, rescue and EMS services to New Kent County through friendly, motivated, and trained volunteers.”

Providence Forge Volunteer Fire Rescue is one of two original volunteer fire departments in New Kent County and has operated since 1951. Today it falls under the umbrella of New Kent County Fire Department but still maintains it’s volunteer identity. Originally just a fire department PFVFR today serves the community with vital components such as EMS, Fire, CPR Education, and is 290-new-kent-county-virginiaoften seen at community events. With a compliment of volunteer and paid crew PFVFR remains vigilant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to serve the community and protect it from emergencies of all kinds.

Known in the county as Station #1 PFVFR can be found on Court House Road a few miles off of Interstate 64 (exit 220). It exists as a functional and yet independent unit within New Kent County Fire Department’s four stations. At all times in the station can be found 2 full time county fire fighters, 1 full time county Captain, and any number of PFVFR volunteers who often spend time at the station. Station #1 is home to over 10 emergency response vehicles ranging from fire trucks, ambulances, response units, and specialized trailers for large scale mass casualty events. It is also home to the New Kent Sherriff Department’s Mobile Response Unit (an RV that is owned and staffed by county law enforcement officers).

event_locationPFVFR is responsible for emergency response within a large section of New Kent county but often crosses these lines and works in harmony with the other stations to include all of New Kent County. Within it’s primary response district lies several well traveled highways such as Route 60, New Kent Highway, and Interstate 64. It is also responsible for both rest areas on the interstate and large structures such as Colonial Downs Race Track. In addition to New Kent County PFVFR is fully equipped to respond to other counties as mutual aid units to supplement agencies outside of New Kent in large scale emergency events.

Providence Forge Volunteer Fire Rescue depends on it’s community for donations to operate and it’s citizens to train and volunteer as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) and/or Fire Fighters. There are also opportunities to volunteer in an administrative/office function.